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Jeremy Lin is withdrawing from the Select Team.


It's no big deal and, I suppose, not particularly surprising, but Jeremy Lin has withdrawn from the USA Men's Select Team. He was going to be one of the youngsters to practice against the United States Olympic Team for Big Boys in Las Vegas starting later this week, but is bailing because of his free agency. Howard Beck has the news and twat Jeremy's statement:

"It was such an incredible honor to be selected, but I have withdrawn ... because of my status as a free agent. I hope to have the opportunity to participate with USA Basketball at some point in the future."

That makes sense, and it's a familiar move because David Lee did the same thing in 2010 2008, but it's still a little disappointing. It would have been cool Jeremy to practice with his fellow Select bros and practice against the Olympians (cool for him to experience and cool for us to read about). Oh well. If it means he gets his deal with New York done more quickly, then it's all good.