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The Pablo Prigioni signing is official.

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Oo-wee, we've almost got ourselves a full roster! Not long after signing Ronnie Brewer, the Knicks finally made official the acquisition of Argentine point guard Pablo Prigioni. The signing was sort of a foregone conclusion-- it's been reported for several weeks and we've already taken to studying his habits-- but now it's officially official after all the FIBA paperwork and whatnot got sorted out. Prigioni still has to complete Olympic competition with Argentina's national team, but he'll be headed to New York on a one-year minimum deal soon thereafter. At 35 years old, he'll be New York's only rookie.

Here's the part where I remind you once more of this:

...lo que sí estoy seguro es que si Pablo llega a jugar 20 minutos en la NBA, dará 12 asistencias por partido. Y con los ojos cerrando y caminando para atrás

That's Prigioni's agent, Claudio Villanueva, telling a reporter that if Pablo plays twenty minutes in the NBA, he'll dish out twelve assists with his eyes closed and walking backwards. Prigioni certainly won't play that many minutes on a regular basis, but even the prorated output of blind, backward assists is intriguing.

Welcome to the Knicks, Pablo. "Linsanity" is, sadly, a thing of the past, but we can look forward to ¡Pablocura! taking over New York City. The roster now stands at thirteen (or fourteen if you count Chris Copeland).