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Thursday Jewel Lizards

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Photo: Kaldari

Good day, accessories. While we wait for the Knicks' 2012-2013 schedule to come out (planned for 7:00, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it leak out in full sooner), how about a few links? Computer links. You click on them. Give 'em a try.

- Jewel lizards, according to Wikipedia, are endemic to Chile. They're also apparently called "thin lizards".

- Remember when Amar'e Stoudemire had a book coming out? Well, it comes out next week and is available for pre-order (almost sold out, it appears!). Amar'e got a copy, of course, and his kids have already had it read to them BY THE AUTHOR HIMSELF. I'm seething with jealous rage.

- Idan Ravin, Carmelo Anthony's trainer, specifically says "he's not a fat ass".

- Also regarding Melo: Andrew Sharp's piece holding out hope that Melo will figure it all out someday.

- Oh, and Melo has a camp at St. John's in August.

- I've been trying to bone up on my Spanish for no reason at all, and I think that might have stemmed from my attempts to decipher Spanish articles about Pablo Prigioni. I've also been watching this interview a lot.

- I guess this is a different Chris Smith?

- First I was like "hey, maybe P&T readers might like to see this video with the MSG guys explaining the rule/replay changes for next season", then I was like "nah, nobody cares and they probably already saw it", and then I was like "hold on, I'm in this video a lot. I'm definitely gonna share it". So, yeah, I'm in that video. Replay stuff, too.

- Via P&T citizen SHW350, Iman Shumpert has a track (the first one) on this Adidas mixtape thing.

- Our old friend Nate Robinson was in attendance for all that gunfire at Rucker Park yesterday, but he's okay (and it sounds like nobody got gravely injured, thankfully).

- I'll be on the radio at 6:30 in my usual spot with the WCWP bros.

That's all for now, babies. Have pleasant afternoons.