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A Sunday Olympic Thread


G'morning, friends. I hope all of you are clean (if you wish to be clean) and well-fed. I don't anticipate much Knicks news over the next few days/weeks, but there are some 'lympics going on, and I imagine many of us are watching. Today, they've been opted to include some basketball amid all the other sports like poolhockey, handrats, and snurfling. Moreover, today's basketball schedule includes no fewer than three Knicks. The day's full schedule can be found here (subtract five hours for Eastern Standard Time). The games of Knickerbockerly note:

9:30 AM: United States of America (Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony) vs. France (Ronny Turiaf!)

5:15 PM: Argentina (Pablo Prigioni) vs. Lithuania

I'm not sure how the broadcasts will work today with live stuff vs. tape delayed stuff, but I had plenty of success watching stuff on this NBC internet thing yesterday. Whether you're watching basketball, airpaddling, or team bondage, enjoy and comment along here. Have excellent days.