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More Free Agent Stuff: Lin to Meet with Houston, Knicks Interested in Weems (Updated 7:34 PM)

The other guy. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
The other guy. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I always start days like this one with a nice, neat idea of making a thread or two, then posting nice little updates throughout the day. Then everything gets chaotic and ruins my whole plan and I just resort to throwing up tons of nonsense posts while steam curls out of my ears and spittle streams down the front of my shirt. The offseason is fun!

Anyway, here are two things that Chris Broussard reported (this is the time of year when I have to follow Chris Broussard on Twitter. I'm not proud of it.) that matter to us:

- Jeremy Lin will meet with the Rockets tomorrow. They will reportedly offer Lin a contract similar to the one Goran Dragic turned down (which was something less than what Phoenix is offering him, so perhaps around $7-8 million per year). It might very well be a "poison pill" joint with $5 milion-ish in the first two years and a ton more in the third. If Alan Hahn and the New York guys are to be trusted, then New York will match any offer, and this process constitutes the "setting of market value" that we heard about. Now that Steve Nash might be out of New York's grasp, that seems even more probable. We'll see.

- The Knicks are reportedly one of the teams interested in Sonny Weems. Weems (his real name is "Clarence") played for the Raptors, then for a team in Lithuania until the doctors there couldn't figure out how to fix his sprained ankle. I really like him, but I'm not sure that he's especially great. As I recall, he's very athletic, but not a wonderful perimeter player, but I obviously haven't seen him play in over a year. In terms of game and name prosody, he doesn't sound all that different from Landry Fields.

So, those are a couple new things. I'll add updates to this post unless, of course, news breaks and demands a new post and just ruins my whole blogging game again. I suspect that New York's Vegas roster is going to come out today, too. Busy day!

Update (7:34 PM): Now that Deron Williams has agreed to stay with the Nets, shit's gonna start happening. Ric Bucher says Jason Kidd is now deciding between the Knicks and the Mavericks. I hope he picks the Mavericks.