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A Tuesday Olympic Basketball Thread


G'afternoon, monks. You guys are very welcome to comment here about the Olympics whenever you're watching (and put up your own Fanpost threads, if you please), but I think I'm only gonna put up front page threads on basketball days when members of the Knicks are in action. Today is very much one of those days. The b-ball's been happening since the crack of dawn EST, but our Knicks don't take the court until this afternoon. Here are the games of note:

3:00 PM EST: France vs. Argentina (¡Pablo Prigioni! ¡Pablocura!)

5:15 PM EST: Tunisia vs. United Knicks of America (Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony)

Three Knicks! Plus Ronny Turiaf! Plus Salah Mejri! Remember when we thought the Knicks were going after that guy?

Comment along here if you're watching the games or watching any Olympic events or watching TV or just watching people outside your home pickle squirrels or whatever. Enjoy! Go teams!