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The Rest of the Free Agency Things (Updated 4:40 PM)

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Update (4:40 PM): Just so we're clear, no trades have been agreed upon. This is still just rumor, and things have been quiet for a few hours. As of right now, Iman Shumpert is a Knick and Steve Nash is a free agent.

Update (1:11 PM):


NY package would include Iman Shumpert, Toney Douglas and likely 3 low money players to get Nash salary needed to close gap on Toronto offer


Updates (1:09 PM):


As notes, Knicks PREFER to chase Nash w/out Shumpert. Sources say they're trying to find third team to join proposal to avoid it


Knicks, Suns are in the critical stages of discussions on a sign-and-trade deal that would pay Nash $27M-$30M over 3 years, sources tell Y!

Okay. We know that Jeremy Lin's in Houston. We know the Knicks are going to sign James White for next season. Today is weird. Here's what else is going on:

- Alan Hahn reports that the Knicks are still working on a sign-and-trade to get Steve Nash. He mentions Iman Shumpert's name, which continues to frighten me. I would love to see Nash on the Knicks, but as I've said, I'm wary of gambling on his back to hold up without Phoenix's medical staff. I thought that gamble was worth an outright signing or the loss of Landry Fields, but Shump is where I'd draw my line. We'll see how the Knicks feel about that.

- Meanwhile, via Azaz of The Knicks Wall, Robert Randolph seems to think Steve Nash is already a Knick. I don't know what to do with this information, as I'm not wont to get my news from demons. Non-demon (I guess) Marc Berman thinks Randolph's onto something, though. Update: Berman has since deleted a tweet that said the following: "Robert Randolph's tweet looks right. closing in on Steve Nash in sign and trade with Phoenix."

- J.R. Smith is upset about something. I don't know if that's significant. I forgot how torturous the offseason can be.

- If the Nash thing doesn't happen, Alan Hahn thinks the Knicks are prepared to offer Jason Kidd their mini-MLE.

- Shawne Williams might also be a thing.

That's what's up right now! I really want to go outside, but it feels like something's about to happen.

Update: Marc Stein seconds the notion of an Iman Shumpert-based package. Guh. Doesn't mean it's actually happening, but still...guh.