Pick 3

Play Knicks GM for a minute

Lets assume the Knicks match whatever Lin gets, lets go of Fields, signs Novak and JR and makes no other moves. You can pick three free agents:

1) Sign-and-trade for $6m per (not trading Iman)

2) Mid-level exception $3m

3) Some veteran takes the minimum... just cause.

My choices:

1) Ray Allen

2) Felton

3) Kenyan Martin

1) for the sign-and-trade I want a starting 2 that can hit a 3. I like Ray Allen (don't know if the Celts do it, but we are fantasizing a little, right?). I have no interest in seeing JR start, and I don't see this being a banner year for Shump. I'd really prefer a bigger defensive guard, actually, but I don't think we have enough to sign Mayo or Brandon Rush

2) I use the mid-level on a backup point guard. If Felton doesn't take it, I go for Sessions. Again, I like the bigger defensive guards. I miss Derek Harper and Doc Rivers beating the crap out of smaller PGs. I even miss (can't believe i'm saying this) Chris Childs' toughness

3) I want a big to help out - I like Kenyan Martin and his tough guy act (I'm assuming Camby doesn't take a minimum contract). I'd also welcome Shawne home.