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And now Jason Kidd is going to sign with the Knicks.


Remind me to never believe anything anybody says ever. After we heard all day that Jason Kidd would re-sign with the Mavericks and the Knicks would turn their attention to Raymond Felton or whoever, we get this from Marc Stein:

In another unforeseen twist of this wild offseason, sources say Jason Kidd has decided to leave Mavs and join Knicks on a multiyear deal

That's pretty much the extent of the details for now.

I've long disliked Jason Kidd and would have preferred Felton by a wide margin (though I guess signing him is still possible), but whatever. I guess Kidd'll be a good "mentor" for Jeremy Lin (who still needs to be re-signed, byyy the wayyyy (an update on that)), and he can still throw accurate passes from a seated position and hit the occasional open three or whatever. He's knows Tyson Chandler well, too, so that's cool. You could do worse with a bench point guard.

Stein's article is up now, and he says the Knicks will be paying Kidd something close to the $3 million per year that the Mavs were going to pay him, but I haven't seen exactly what the deal will be yet. Remember that nothing will actually be signed until the 11th.