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Olympic Game Thread: USA vs. Argentina- 8/10/12


Okay! Spain vs. Russia is settled. Those Russians had something going for a while there, but Spain just dominated the second half such that it wasn't really close in the last few minutes. U.S.A.-Argentina is up next, with a chance to face Spain in the gold medal game on the line. Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony (sore hamstring be damned) will be in action for the United States, while Pablo Prigioni should be good to go for Argentina. Three Knicks in one basketball game, and it's only August! And it counts for something! Wonderful!

Tip-off is at 4:00 EST. Grab some soft pretzels, some sequined knee pads, and fourteen of your closest friends, and let's watch some basketball together. This one'll be televised on the NBC Sports Network and available online here. If you're watching the game or any of the Olympic events, feel free to comment along in this thread. Go Knicks!