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Gold Medal Game Thread: USA vs. Spain- 8/12/12

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Woo! I almost forgot, fell back asleep, and didn't make it, but here we are. Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, and the United States Men's basketball team will play for Olympic gold today against the hooping gentlemen of Spain. Tip-off is at 10:00 EST, and it appears that the game will be televised on NBC proper.

Meanwhile, I think a lot of us just missed the closely contested Argentina-Russia game, but I'd love to hear some details about what happened from those of y'all who caught it. According to recaps, it was close at the end, and our friend Pablo Prigioni was at the center of some scramble for the ball in the final seconds. Once Russia sealed it, the Argentine players flipped out and Pablo "kicked an electronic clock off the scorer's table". No word on whether or not Pablo kicked the clock backwards with his eyes closed. I'd love to hear more.

But yeah, we're about half an hour from game time, and perhaps just a few hours away from two Knicks earning some gold medals. Comment along here if you're watching!