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USA 107, Spain 100: Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler are gold medalists.


They did it! Spain got feisty as hell and made a game out of it with their zone defense and work around the basket, but LeBron James is really good, Chris Paul is really good, and this USA team is just really goddamn good. I'll miss watching 'em. Vin Diesel will miss watching 'em.

Carmelo Anthony had a relatively quiet outing after he opened the game cookin' soup from outside. Toward the end, he appeared to add a turned ankle to his already strained hamstring. I'm watching the guy hop around in celebration right now, though, and I think he'll be fine. Just rub that gold medal on the sore spot. Melo was a delight to watch during these Olympics, and one can only hope the success in London spills over into the coming NBA season. Same goes for Tyson Chandler.

Congratulations to Melo and Tyson and all of Team USA. That was fun.