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The Shumpdate: 8/17/12

Every so often, we must check in on Iman Shumpert to see how the reshumpification of his left knee is going. It's been almost four months-- 111 days (I stopped crying around Day 85)-- since Iman tore his ACL and received the prognosis of six to eight months of recovery. So, how's the knee? Newsday's Marcus Henry caught up with Shump yesterday:

"I have a steady rehab and we mix it up," said Shumpert, who was on hand to help direct children Thursday at Nate Robinson's basketball camp at Fundamental Sports Training in Westbury. "There's a little bit more I can do every day, but it's definitely not the same thing being on the court sweating. I can't wait until I get back."


"It's getting better . . . Everything's been good so far," Shumpert said. "I haven't had any bad days. I'm happy about that. I'll be going to a MRI soon and see if we can pick up the intensity of my rehab."

It does seem like they're sticking with that eight-month plan, which is probably for the best. It's worth a few months of the regular season without Shump to get a fully healthy, fully reshumpificated Shump in early 2013. God DAMN am I looking forward to that.

In closing: