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Let's make a Knicks three-on-three team.

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Good afternoon, children. These are the quiet times. The Knicks aren't doing much. I probably won't have enough links for a reptile post until tomorrow. Meanwhile, I just got a pet parakeet, so I'm thoroughly occupied with convincing him to worship me.

Meanwhile, our SB Nation basketball friends share our boredom, so, inspired by the notion of FIBA-sanctioned three-on-three basketball, they've decided to host a hypothetical NBA three-on-three tournament next week. Every team/blog will have its own squad, and I've been asked to nominate the Knicks' best three-man squad. Since I can barely remember who's on the Knicks at this point (they traded for, like, David Wingate, right?), I'd like your help in picking the three. A little background and detail from Clipper Steve:

Assume basic FIBA rules (which aren't much different from NBA rules). The only essential difference is half court -- so fast breaking will be minimized. Baskets are 2 points and 3 points, just like in FIBA, losers outs. Not that it much matters to the process of picking the team.

Also, we're picking just three guys. No subs.

So, this thread will be for initial discussions. I'll open a second thread tomorrow or Wednesday to actually vote on a three-man roster (based on the results of this thread). I've just started to ponder this, and it's tougher than I thought. I figure Carmelo Anthony is a lock (though feel free to disagree. I think he'd definitely be a lock if it was winners' outs), but I'm not sure after that. Is Tyson Chandler's offensive dependence a problem? Can Amar'e Stoudemire be relied upon if he won't defend or rebound much? Which guard do you want running things in a halfcourt game? Do you even need a guard? Does Steve Novak's automatic shot make him a candidate? What about Iman Shumpert or Ronnie Brewer and their defense? What about J.R. Smith? What about David Wingate?

Let us discuss, then we'll move on to actually picking a team in the near future. This is incredibly important, so please defer any other obligations you have until you've offered your input on this matter.