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It's time to pick our Knicks three-on-three team.

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Okay, beans. We did some initial discussin' of ideas for a Knicks squad to participate in SB Nation's hypothetical three-on-three basketball tournament. Now we must actually pick a team, as the tournament "begins" next week. Before I open the poll, a few updates on the rules from our commissioner, Mr. ClipperSteve Perrin:


Twos and threes (even though FIBA apparently wants to make their tournament ones and twos)

Games are 1 10 minute period -- team ahead at the end of 10 minutes wins;

UNLESS a team reaches 31, in which case that team wins (FIBA rules state 21, but that with 1 and 2 pointers);

7 fouls results in the bonus situation;

You can't foul out (since we didn't allow subs);

12 second shot clock.

So, I guess there are free throws? Something to consider. Anyway, here is every three-man unit suggested by a P&T commenter. I wanted to narrow down the list, but I just couldn't bring myself to exclude anybody. Hopefully, the long list won't dilute the results, since this is VERY IMPORTANT. Don't just vote for the one that sounds like the most reliable law firm.

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