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This is the final vote for our Knicks three-on-three team.


Update: Well, we have our team. Shump, Melo, and Tyson. For three-on-three, I like it.

Our own gbaked just had a good idea. Since my poll with every single trio of Knicks nominated for SB Nation's hypothetical three-on-three tournament was a bit messy chaotic, how about a new, narrower poll? Four imaginary squads garnered more than 10% of the original vote, and those four are presented below for a tidier re-vote.

A few things are already clear: 1. We can't see a three-man Knicks team surviving without Carmelo Anthony. 2. We don't value Steve Novak's three-point shooting nearly as much as I thought we would (or perhaps not enough Novak teams were on the ballot). 3. We really wish we could watch Iman Shumpert play a small, halfcourt game. 4. We forgot to include a team with both Smith brothers on it. Major oversight.

That third one is hard to argue. My vote-- which previously went to the Kidd-Thomas-Camby old man squad-- is definitely going to one of the two Shump-inclusive nominees, because I'd really love to watch that kid growl at people in a game of pick-up. Anyway, here are the final four. This poll will close at 10 PM EST.