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A Saturday Olympic Thread


Good morning, sweet children. I've got a day full of drivin' ahead of me, and I'll be missing some fine basketball of the Olympic variety in the process. For those of you watching along, here's a thread. Today's games:

France vs. Tunisia (already happened, France won)

Russia vs. Spain (happening right now, I think)

Lithuania vs. United Knicks of America (9:30 AM EST)

China vs. Brazil (11:45 AM)

Great Britain vs. Australia (3:00 PM)

Nigeria vs. Argentina (5:15 PM)

I haven't seen anything yet about Pablo Prigioni's availability for that late Argentina game. Recall that he was beset by kidney stones before Argentina's last game and had to sit out. Unless he's managed to eradicate those meddling pebbles within the last 48 hours, I guess we can assume he won't play tonight (even if he has done his passing, I imagine he'd need a few days to recover and cry a little. I would.)

Anyway, whatever Olympics you may be watching, feel free to comment along here. Have lovely Saturdays, all. <3