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The Knicks signed John Shurna.

YES. (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
YES. (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hey now! Whilst I was dining (which seems to be the time for Knicks news to break these days), Howard Beck twat that the Knicks had signed Northwestern product/guest KTP subject/overall hilarious human being John Shurna. Look:

Knicks have signed forward John Shurna of Northwestern. One-year deal, partial guarantee.

Shurna, as we learned in Rodger's pre-draft post about him, is the owner of a hideous yet frighteningly effective jump shot, an unkempt and perpetually giggly countenance, and little else in the way of NBA skills. We know as well as anybody, though, that an effective outside shot alone can earn you NBA minutes.

I've never really understood what a "partial guarantee" is, but Shurna is, by my count, the 16th player the Knicks have under contract (double check me on that). If he plays well in camp and makes the cut, he's a likely candidate to end up in Erie with the BayHawks, playing under...we're not sure. Not Patrick Ewing.


Update: Ian Begley:

To clarify, John Shurna signed a minimum deal w/a partial guarantee that becomes fully guaranteed on Jan 10 if he's on the roster.

So, basically, if my count is right, Shurna, Chris Copeland, and Chris Smith (plus whoever else the Knicks sign before camp) are fighting for two roster spots. NICE.