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Wednesday Hoatzins


Photo: Kate

Good morning, blobs! We've got our weekly themed post and Part 2 of our Knicks logo feature coming up this afternoon. Before we get to all that, how about a few links?

- First of all, hoatzins look like THAT. With that in mind, read this:

One of this species' many peculiarities is that it has a digestive system unique amongst birds. Hoatzins use bacterial fermentation in the front part of the gut to break down the vegetable material they consume, much like cattle and other ruminants. Unlike ruminants, however, which possess the rumen (a specialized stomach for bacterial fermentation), the Hoatzin has an unusually large crop, folded in two chambers, and a large, multi-chambered lower oesophagus. Its stomach chamber and gizzard are much smaller than in other birds. The crop of the Hoatzin is so large as to displace the flight muscles and keel of the sternum, much to the detriment of their flight capacity. Because of aromatic compounds in the leaves they consume and the bacterial fermentation, the bird has a disagreeable, manure-like odor and is only hunted by humans for food in times of dire need. Any feeding of insects or other animal matter is purely accidental.

Birds are weird, man. I'm really enjoying the bird era, and I say that while listening to my parakeet cheep along to "Love In This Club".

- Okay, links. First of all, if you enjoyed Part 1 of our Michael Doret interview and intend to read Part 2, I highly recommend checking out this brilliantly timely interview Jared Zwerling did with Tom O'Grady, the league official who oversaw the project from their end. Keep that stuff in mind while you read Part 2 later. (Or don't. I'll link it again in the post.)

- I also encourage you to check out Michael's website and blog.

- All the main bros (and surely some others) were in Greenburgh on Monday for the first day of "pre-training camp", and Alan Hahn says they'll be at it "a few times a week" right up until camp starts.

- Ian Begley says the Knicks played some five-on-five, so I guess that means at least ten guys were in attendance?

- Carmelo Anthony's on the cover of SLAM.

- He's also a robo retail person now. By the end of the week, he'll be your mail carrier. This is going to get confusing.

- Zach Lowe (who is the greatest, and is now officially headed to Grantland) included Raymond Felton among his players with something to prove this season. Ray's in the "Hey, Remember Me?" department.

- I've yet to watch this, but here's Mike Breen on Boomer and Carton.

- Iman Shumpert, who teased us a bit with the slim possibility of a December return, will be keeping his flat-top hair for next season. #post90s

- Meanwhile, the flat-top'd Shump joined Melo, the brothers Smith, Ronnie Brewer, and a bunch of other Knicks folks in raising money down on Wall Street yesterday.

- 50 Cent, too, apparently.

- Brewer, by the way, says he'll definitely be ready for the opener. Hope so.

- Ken Berger offers a little sourced speculation about the fates of Scott O'Neil and Isiah Thomas.

- Final thing: Our themed post today is going to be about the Knicks' biggest rival. I need a list of candidates. Heat, Pacers, Celtics, Nets...who else?

- Update: Forgot to include a link to this: The Knicks match up with the Bucks today in the first round of SB Nation's hypothetical three-on-three tournament. The judges don't favor the Knicks as much as I would, and I think they're pretty gravely underestimating that Carmelo Anthony guy, but that's just me.

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your mornings. Lunch isn't far off.