Knicks Working Out Thomas

Yes, that's right, Isiah Thomas is making a comeback... as a player! Oh, wait, no, it's some guy named Malcolm Thomas:

According to Real GM, he's working out for the Knicks AS WE SPEAK:

Well. Here's some Draft Express:


Anybody know anything about this guy? Apparently he doesn't want a training camp invite, he wants a contract so he is trying to prove he deserves one. Thing is, if the Knicks actually give him one, it would probably mean that none of our new, fun, training camp invites, including John 'Shuruff' Shurna, would have much of a remote chance to make the team.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. But this Thomas fella seems to have some rebounding and finishing ability. And maybe he could take #11 and could freak everyone out by having 'Thomas' on the back of his jersey. Plus, he might be really useful, like this guy.