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Thursday Wandering Albatrosses


Photo: JJ Harrison

Good afternoon, figs. I hope this zany blog post finds you in good health. Take the jump for some Knicks links.

- I picked albatrosses today (the Wandering species complex make up the biggest of the 'trosses) because I'd been reading this article about how scientists have been studying their ability to glide thousands of miles and using their findings to inform airplane design. BIRDS ARE COOL.

- Pretty cool follow-up to our two-part interview with Michael Doret: Folks on message boards have taken to finishing the sketches of his designs that didn't make it. Check this and this out.

- Al Trautwig is now on Twitter.

- Rory McIlroy, who evidently shares a trainer with the Knicks (probably Dave Hancock), was at the practice facility with them for a few days and mentioned it on Jimmy Fallon's show the other night. He also basked in the presence of Shump.

- The wonderful comedian/writer/public access television host/Knicks fan/friend of P&T Chris Gethard-- who's been doing some wonderful, meaningful stuff lately-- went on the TBJ podcast today. The Knicks come up a couple times (there's a Ward vs. Childs question).

- Malcolm Thomas worked out for the Knicks today and got a little starstruck for a second there.

- John Schuhmann wonders if the Atlantic Division might be the best in the NBA this season, which is weird. He also suspects that the Knicks might fix some of their turnover issues from last season.

- Jason Kidd appeared in court yesterday and seems to be fighting his DWI charge somehow.

- Apparently, Matt Barnes could have been a Knick this summer. I'm happy with Ronnie Brewer, thanks.

- Our Knicks three-on-three team won their first hypothetical game against the Bucks! Next up, they face the winner of Miami-Washington, so that'll be all for the Knicks.

- Not Knicks-related, just awesome: My good friend and favorite Hornets blogger Rohan is a rocket scientist and his rocket is GOING TO FUCKING SPACE today.

- I'll be on for my usual radio spot with the WCWP fellows at 6:30 tonight.

That's all! <3<3<3<3<3