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Friday Gouldian Finches


Good afterboob, gerbils! How is everybody today? I can't hear you! I STILL CAN'T HEAR YOU! Do you guys want to see some links? I said DO YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE SOME LINKS? Okay, let's look at some links!

- I've been looking at bird photos for like 20 minutes and have found so many cool birds for links posts, but holy SHIT, Gouldian finches. Dudes just fly around wearing sweaters from 1989 like it's nothing. I can't believe that's a real thing. Birds are crazy guys. Birds are crazy, guys.

- I added a late link to this in the last post, but Carmelo Anthony's (annual, I think) charity visit to Puerto Rico will include some other Knicks and such. A free softball game on Saturday will include Amar'e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, Marcus Camby, J.J. Barea, and Bernie Williams.

- J.R. Smith is the best person to ask about everything going on with the Knicks, including the Tracy McGrady workout:

"We need all the help we can get in every area. … So whenever a big name comes up that can help our team, we’ve got to get him."

Dude just summed up like two decades of Knicks front office philosophy with one offhand remark.

- The workout, by the way, was yesterday, and it went fine. He's relatively healthy and stuff. I don't think the Knicks are going to sign him.

- The pursuit of Kenyon Martin is reportedly still a thing, but he wants more than minimum money.

- Iman Shumpert snapped at a disrespectful tweet about Melo last night. It was pretty awesome. He explained himself today, but didn't apologize, because he's Shump and doesn't need to apologize.

- Chris Bosh thinks the Knicks will be good this year. Thanks?

- Dave D'Alessandro doesn't sound like a big James Dolan fan.

- Update: I don't usually post links to Iman Shumpert's rappin' tracks, but I just put this new one on and my parakeet LOVES it.

- Update again: And, thanks to BigTom, here's Shump's interview with Hot 97. He, of course, shares our distaste for the Celtics.

- Finally, I mentioned on Monday that Tom Ziller was doing a "Most Hated Player From Each Team" post, and we came up with a list of Knicks we didn't like in the comments. The list is heavily skewed toward recent years since we're all 12 years old, but nobody piped up with older players, so whatever. We'll close with a poll.