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Video: Iman Shumpert Performs Poetry in Memory of His Aunt

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Nicole Sweet-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I was reluctant to post this yesterday, given the nature of the thing, but since he shared it himself and it's on a bunch of other blogs and it's really worth watching, here you go. If you follow Iman Shumpert on Twitter, you perhaps caught that Iman recently lost his aunt to cancer. Via a link from Shump himself, here he is paying tribute to his aunt by reciting a poem he wrote at the Village Underground in Brooklyn over the weekend.

We know Shump has a penchant for rhyming, but this was a side of him most of us had never seen before. Condolences to Iman and to his whole family.

With luck, we'll be seeing the side of Iman that plays basketball sooner rather than later. He's dunking off one leg these days, and the other leg shouldn't be more than a few months behind. <3 u so much, Shump.