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Tuesday Tawny Owls

Photo: K.M. Hansche


Photo: K.M. Hansche

Grood afternoon, growlbacks. I hope you've managed to stay dry and floor-bound on what sounds like a wet and windy day (I have not been outside. Not planning on it, either, unless there is food out there.). Anyway, since you're already indoors and looking at your computer/tablet/phone/unnecessarily high-tech sponge, how about some Knicks links?

- The tawny owl is one of several owl species with asymmetrically positioned ears that allow 'em to aurally locate and snaggle moving prey with ease. That Wiki article talks about that phenomenon a bit, and this one explains it a little more.

- Jared Zwerling got a "pre-camp" interview with Chris Copeland, and also heard from Pablo Prigioni, who is settling in and has been in Greenburgh for some training seshes already.

- Here are Knicks season previews from HoopsWorld and Pro Basketball Talk.

- Also from PBT, Matt Moore's "treatise on ISOMelo". I want to try to withhold characterization of the Knicks' offense until the season actually begins, but it's an interesting post.

- James White wears a leopard-print headscarf to sleep, it seems. NUH-UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

- J.R. Smith may or may not be dating a person who may or may not be famous.

- Reason #988745 to love Iman Shumpert: He takes selfies with orthopedic surgeons (He also gets their names backwards).

- Pictures of sneakers that belong to Shump and the brothers Smith. (Dear SB Nation auto-tagger wizards, can you install some sort of code that makes it so when I type "the brothers Smith", the system automatically knows to tag J.R. Smith and Chris Smith? Thaaaaaanks.)

- And here's an interview with J.R. in which he talks about Chris, the new uniforms, and sneakers again.

Well, that's it. Enjoy the rest of your day.