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Zwerling: Shawne Williams wants to return, but the Knicks aren't interested.

Chris Trotman - Getty Images

The Knicks have nineteen gentlemen under contract, thirteen of whom are totally guaranteed. We've heard about Lou Amundson, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Malcolm Thomas, and a few others being candidates for that last spot and/or a guaranteed contract, but with camp just over two weeks away, the opening remains. One guy we haven't really heard about is our old friend Shawne Williams, who's an unrestricted free agent. Jared Zwerling has a bit more on that:

Unrestricted free agent Shawne Williams, who had his best season in New York in 2010-11, wants to return to the Knicks but the team isn't interested, according to a source close to the versatile forward.

The source told that the Knicks are "a good fit," and that he's open to taking the veteran's minimum, which is all they can offer. The Hawks and Bobcats are also looking at Williams, who is represented by Happy Walters, the same agent as Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert.

Several sources have told that the Knicks want to add a seasoned power forward, possibly to back up Stoudemire. The top candidates are Kenyon Martin and Louis Amundson, but both players want at least the mini mid-level exception of $3 million or higher.

There are good reasons for New York not to want Extra E back. For one, he's not realllly a big man, which seems to be what the Knicks are going for. For two and three, he spent much of last season being injured or benched and the rest of it playing very poorly (24 percent from downtown). On the other hand:

1. Pooping in the corner.

2. Corner poops.

3. Poop.

4. The Knicks could use a shooter, and Williams brings that (or at least he brought that for a month or two in 2010-2011) plus some okay interior defense and rebounding and toughness and stuff. The idea of a lineup featuring both Steve Novak and Extra E makes my teeth stand on end.

The Knicks might not be interested now because they're holding out hope that someone like Martin or Amundson can be talked down to the veteran's minimum. If that hope passes, though, perhaps they'll take a look at Extra E.