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Hey, how about a Rasheed Wallace rumor?

Lisa Blumenfeld - Getty Images

Late last night, Ric Bucher suddenly decided to pinch off a quick rumor for any Knicks fans still awake (which, oddly enough, was a group that happened to include me). Here's the rumor:

NBA news: Rasheed Wallace working out at NYK practice facility w/Camby and Kurt Thomas. Knicks' considering.

First of all, before we even acknowledge Bucher's last two words, the notion of Wallace joining Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas for a weekend summit of 1990s big men is just wonderful. I imagine the three casually hoisting mid-range jumpers and bantering about their fiber intake, taking intermittent breaks to sip craft beers and sack-tap each other.

As for Bucher's "Knicks' considering"...sure, okay. Sheed's one of those retired folks whose name still surfaces now and then, while the Knicks are in the market for a big man and have been stocking up on aged friends all offseason (at 38, Wallace would be the fourth oldest Knick!). That rumor's just plausible enough to catch a news cycle. I bet when Camby asked Glen Grunwald if Sheed could come over for "a night of bros, brews, and braseline Js-- I mean baseline Js", Daddy Grun was like "oh man, Rasheed Wallace! He was great. I wonder how much he has left. Send him my regards." while Ric Bucher, nestled stealthily under Grun's desk (in full dress attire), listened in. Of course, Bucher doesn't tell us exactly what the Knicks are considering. For all we know, they could be considering moving the franchise to Peru. He doesn't specify, and the fact that he went with the possessive "Knicks'" only further confuses matters.

Cool rumor, Ric!