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The Knicks hired Baron Davis to be their Baron Davis.

Davis will have "a multi-faceted role" in New York.


This summer, many of us puzzled over the fact that Baron Davis still appeared to be a Knick. Baron's contract had expired and his prolonged injury recovery ensured that he wouldn't be re-signed, yet there he was rehabbin' with Knicks staff, hobblin' around Summer League in Knicks garb, and jabberin' with Breen and Clyde on MSG broadcasts. It became gradually evident that Davis would stay with the Knicks in some capacity-- a fine occurrence, since Baron's a fun bro to have around, even (especially?) if he's not playing basketball. Ian Begley has some details about those capacities:

Baron Davis will have a multi-faceted role with the Knicks this season: He will spend some time around the team in an advisory role; he will work with Madison Square Garden's "Garden of Dreams" Foundation; he's expected to provide content for MSG's in-game entertainment and he may do some scouting for the team, according to two sources with knowledge of Davis' agreement with the Knicks.

So, Baron's pretty much the utility man on the ground, with a toe in every department. I've watched enough premium cable programming to know that every organization needs an all-purpose guy, and Baron should fill that role splendidly (definitely better than John Starks, who was ubiquitous a few years ago). Begley says Davis won't have an official title, but I really hope they add him to the team directory with the job title of "Baron Davis", or just "Boom".

Need someone to make a public appearance or hand off a giant novelty check? Boom's on it. Need a fill-in color guy because Clyde's got a cold? Give Boom the mic. Need somebody to water Steve Novak's azaleas or possum-sit for Ronnie Brewer while the team's on a road trip? Boom's got it covered. Short a foam roller in training camp? Boom rolls, too.

Happy to still have you around, Baron.