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Wednesday Kagus


Pierre Fidenci

Hello! Brand new P&T, same old animal links. No need to take the jump anymore, though. So, ya know, just, like...look down to see the links.

- Kagus are cool for a few reasons: 1. Look at them. 2. Scientists just can't figure out how to classify them relative to other species. 3. They have unique facial attributes called "nasal corns" that sit over their nostrils and prevent crap from getting in there while they're snoofing around the forests of New Caledonia.

- The Erie BayHawks won't reveal the name of their new head coach until later, but (via Keith Schlosser) it sounds like it's going to be Gene Cross, a cool bro with a lot of NCAA and D-League assistant coaching experience who's had relatively little success as a head coach.

- Here, look at some photos of Hakeem Olajuwon with Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler.

- I have a feeling nobody's gonna like Tom Ziller's thing on the Knicks from this morning (I love Ziller and hold his words in high regard, but this made even me grouchy), but at least the graph is pretty interesting.

- Our friend Dan's season preview is also worth a read.

- Ronnie Brewer's gonna be on some sorta radio show tonight.

- J.R. Smith and Mike Woodson's daughter Mariah just keep chattin' away on Twitter.

- Tyson Chandler's having an art show tonight and Henry Sims will be in attendance?

- On that note, here's a piece about the relationship between Tyson and Ari Marcopoulos.

- I haven't listened to any of these yet, but Jonah Ballow and Alan Hahn are three parts in to their multi-part pre-season Knicks podcast.

- The Knicks show up a couple times in this GQ thing about the worst decisions (at the time, though I think that qualifier didn't really hold up) in sports history.

- Remember to email for all thoughts, concerns, and problems regarding the new site layout.

And that is all! I hope this has been an enjoyable and educational exercise for all of you. Run along now.