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Thursday Marbled Frogmouths


Photo: Bauple58

Merry afternoon, sweethearts. The weekend starts tomorrow, and as soon as that weekend's over, we've got Knicks media day and training camp. We're so very close. For now, links.

- Frogmouths are called frogmouths because they got some frogmouth-lookin' mouths, everybody. I learned from reading about them that the interior aspect of a bird's mouth is called the "gape", which makes sense. Anyway, marbled frogmouths are my current favorite frogmouths. They live in Australia and Indonesia and a bunch of Pacific islands.

- There were plenty of Knicks to be found at two big events in the city last night. One was Tyson Chandler's photography exhibition. Here are some photos of that.

- The other thing was some sort of NBA 2K13 event at which one could reportedly find Iman Shumpert and Amar'e Stoudemire comparing gold chains. Amar'e won by a menorah.

- During his photography thing, Chandler spoke to reporters and gave his vote of approval to a Rasheed Wallace signing, which honestly makes me a lot more comfortable with that (still unlikely, probably) notion.

- Bomani Jones, on the other hand, feels that Sheed should just be the Knicks' head coach. I think he's underrating the hilarity of Mike Woodson.

- Meanwhile, Josh Howard is still an option.

- Howard Megdal suggests that a decision of Wallace vs. Howard, should it come down to that (there are 13 Knicks with guaranteed deals, so they could hypothetically have both), might have something to do with New York's faith in the Melo-Amar'e tandem.

- Mark Deeks of ShamSports has his detailed breakdown of the Knicks' finances posted.

- Top-notch James Dolan observations from Jared Zwerling.

- Programming Note 1: I'll be on WCWP at 6:30, per usual.

- Programming Note 2: Amar'e Stoudemire's Daily Show appearance is tonight at 11. We can probably just use this post as a thread (for stingy d's drinking game), and I'll post the interview video tomorrow if there is one.

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of the day.