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Rasheed Wallace will probably be a Knick.

It sounds like Rasheed Wallace will sign.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

The report for a few days has been that the Knicks were pretty much ready to offer Rasheed Wallace a veteran's minimum deal and were waiting for Sheed to decide whether or not he felt like playing professional basketball this season. Now, we have this from Jared Zwerling:

Source close to : All the players expect a Rasheed Wallace signing to become official. He took his physical w/ the team yesterday.

I guess we're supposed to assume that the physical revealed Wallace to be breathing and upright enough to play sports, so this really does sound all but done. Signing Wallace would cap the Knicks' training camp roster out at 20, meaning they couldn't sign anybody else (Josh Howard, Kenyon Martin, a cucumber, etc.) without making a cut. I assume Wallace is signing a guaranteed deal of some sort, and not just joining New York to battle with the likes of Henry Sims and John Shurna for a roster spot. If it is a guaranteed deal, the Knicks would have fourteen of those on the roster and only one spot left for a camp signing.

Wallace, who is 38 years old, would only be the fourth oldest Knick. Definitely the wildest 'n' wiliest, though.

So, uh, now we just wait to see if Wallace actually wants to stop being retired and join the Knicks. Updates when they come!