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Berman: Rasheed Wallace will unretire, join the Knicks for training camp.

Marc Berman's sources tell him that Rasheed Wallace has agreed to un-retire and come to camp with the Knicks:

Rasheed Wallace has told the Knicks he has elected to come out of retirement and join Monday's training camp, according to an NBA source.

The Knicks could announce the move as soon as today. The 6-foot-11 Wallace, who worked out with the Knicks over the weekend, retired two years ago after a disappointing season with Boston. His agent Bill Strickland told The Post this morning he has not begun formal contract negotiations with the Knicks and wouldn't confirm the decision was made.

Wallace would make the veteran's minimum of 1.7 million. Strickland said if Wallace plays it would only be with the Knicks because of his relationship with coach Mike Woodson, who was a Pistons assistant when Detroit won the title with Wallace as one of its stars.

The Knicks, for their part, say a deal isn't done yet, but they're working on it.