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Friday Ocellated Tapaculos


Photo: Joel Rosenthal

Good afternoon, squidgets. While we wait for the final word on the Rasheed Wallace signing, how about some links?

- "Ocellated tapaculo" sounds like something really fancy, but it's just a handsome little bird with spots that lives in the Andes.

- This thing includes a comedy writer citing John Starks as his inspiration.

- Please tell me one of you is going to try out for Gene Cross 'n' the BayHawks tomorrow. Pleeeeease.

- Of COURSE J.R. Smith makes his sandwiches with Knicks-branded toast.

- Stephen Jackson does not approve of the way Amar'e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler dress. They are not trill, you see.

- Amar'e had quite the Thursday. Here he is on CNN with Etan Thomas, talking about their upcoming work at Riker's Island.

- And here he is just chattin' with John McCain. And here he is with Chuck Schumer.

- And this.

- Tyson Chandler was apparently on CNN, too (haven't seen it). GUYS!

- Buried in this story about Isiah Thomas possibly taking a TV job with ESPN is confirmation that Kelly Tripucka will not be doing broadcast work with MSG this season.

- Clyde interviews can get pretty redundant, but this one in "Food and Wine" is quite good:

Speaking of sharp-looking suits, how do you keep yours stain-free when you eat the signature guacamole at Clyde’s?

I cover up. I drape the tablecloth across my lap, and I tuck my napkin inside my collar so it covers my shirt. I used to always have a little spot on my tie, and eventually I was like, "C’mon man, you look sloppy!"

- Melo said some more stuff. Whatever.

It's time for the season to start. Four days 'til training camp, y'all.