Knicks Meeting For Early Training Camp This Monday

Well this is good news (via ESPN):

This tells me a few things:

1. The team's leaders are stepping up early to hold themselves accountable.

2. The Knicks are going to have the most familiarized group of players they've had going into a season for a long time.

3. As the article mentions, this is a great opportunity for the new batch of point guards to get to know their teammates.

4. Despite the seemingly defeatist attitude the team had during the whole Miami series, the guys must believe that they have a chance to do something special; after all, they're giving up almost an entire month of offseason (and for Melo and Tyson, this is in addition to the Olympics commitment).

It also tells me one other thing---this is a team you can put your faith in, if only because they are as committed as we are. Then again, maybe we all should be an insane asylum. Itswhytheyplaythegames