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2013 NBA Playoffs

The Last Twelve Minutes of Knicks Basketball

The Knicks were the Knicks in Game 6, if only for a few minutes.

Recap: Pacers 106, Knicks 99

A bitter end to a sweet season.

It's over.

Pacers in six.


Ooooh boy.

George Hill will play tonight.

He's been cleared.

Pre-Game 6 Open Thread

Today brings us yet another elimination game.

KnicksTape: The D.J. Augustin Effect

...and other keys to New York's Game 5 performance.

Some Knicks-Pacers Game 5 Notes

How each player played in New York's Game 5 win over Indiana.

Recap: Knicks 85, Pacers 75: "We're alive!"

3-2! The series continues!

Final Score: Knicks 85, Pacers 75

It continues!


Win or it's over!

Pre-Game 5 Notes and Links

Well, this is it.

KnicksTape: Feel Free To Box Out, New York

Everybody, not just the big guys.

One Last Request for Mike Woodson

With the Knicks on the brink, Joe tries to reason with the Knicks head coach.

Mike Woodson speaks on Game 4 and Game 5

Not a lot, but some.

Thoughts After a Maximally Discouraging Game 4

A few notes and links left over from a sad night of basketball.

Game 4 Recap: Pacers 93, Knicks 82

3-1. Very, very bad.

Final Score: Pacers 93, Knicks 82


Shump's MRI was negative. He'll start tonight.


Flu bros ready, Shump got an MRI

Well, this is a little scary.

Game IV: A New Hope?

Let's pretend for a moment that the Knicks don't suck at the whole "basketball" thing.

KnicksTape: Self-Inflicted Wounds

The Pacers have a great defense, but the Knicks still could have done a lot better on offense in Game 3.

Shump missed practice, expected to play Tuesday

Attendance at Knicks practice was even lighter today.

Post-Practice Notes: Kenyon Martin's sick now, too

Stuff from Sunday's practice in Indiana.

Recap: Pacers 82, Knicks 71

Game 3 sucked.

J.R. is questionable for Game 3 because he's sick.


J.R. Smith got fined for flopping.


Amar'e will probably play 10-15 minutes Saturday

Stoudemire did a little more scrimmaging today.

KnicksTape: The Cross-Match Advantage

How the Knicks made mismatches work for them in Game 2

Recap: Knicks 105, Pacers 79


Final Score: Knicks 105, Pacers 79



Let's make it 1-1.


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