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Pre-Game: Knicks at Pacers

The Knicks and Pacers play tonight at 8 PM.

Bruce Bennett

Evenin'. The Knicks are in Indiana tonight, and they won't have Carmelo Anthony, which is no good. Here are a few updates on the Knicks' plans and prospects sans Melo:

- Mike Woodson, per usual, refuses to announce his starting lineup until just before game time, but some SNITCH tipped the media off to the likelihood of Chris Copeland starting in Melo's place, which was expected.

- Even with Melo out, Amar'e Stoudemire's minutes will be limited to around 20. I really don't think the quotes in that article suggest that Amar'e thinks otherwise.

- George Hill, who hasn't been feeling well, is probable for Indiana.

- I hadn't realized this, but tonight's game-- though televised on TNT-- will not be blacked out on MSG. If you're in the area, you can watch the local broadcast instead of sitting through the infinitely grating commentary of Reggie Miller.

I'm worried about this one. The Pacers undermine their own elite defense with a miserable offense and they fell to the Knicks earlier this year, but they've been dominant lately, including a win on Tuesday over the Heat. And, ya know, the Knicks are missing two of the guys who started that last game. And Sheed.

I'm not feeling great heading into this one (Not feeling great about the game, that is. I'm relatively healthy and in decent spirits, I guess). You?