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Game Thread: Knicks at Pacers- 1/10/13

The Knicks play the Pacers in Indiana.

Bruce Bennett

Good evening! We're minute away from the shorthanded Knicks' 8:00 tip-off in Indiana. The Knicks-Pacers game will be televised on both MSG and TNT, but the TNT broadcast includes the chortling goblin known as Reggie Miller, so it's a pretty easy choice (if you've got the choice). The only news since we last spoke: J.R. Smith will be sporting Jason Kidd's signature low, askew headband to protect the stitches on his eye. Do the Knicks not own Band-Aids? (Incidentally, the stitches might be an issue, considering that Smith's wound bleeds when he laughs. I'm glad the Knicks aren't playing the Celtics again, because Kevin Garnett would totally read about it and make HILARIOUS JOKES.)

Chris Copeland, by the way, will start in Carmelo Anthony's place. That's what we expected.

Here's your game thread, here's Indy Cornrows, and here's a pineapple. Please don't leave large photos, .gifs, or links to illegal streams in the thread (or in the pineapple). Please find a way to win this one, Knicks!