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Pacers 81, Knicks 76: "This game is setting offensive basketball back a few decades."



For positivity's sake, here's a list of things to like from tonight's loss to the Pacers which, as Dr Football described, was not the most offensively brilliant game ever played:

- Marcus Camby's gnarly, unseemly made baskets to start the game.


- J.R. Smith's flurry of impossible shots off pick-and-roll drives in the third quarter.

- Pabloface.

- That one cool Amar'e spin move and a couple of his rebounds.

- When Clyde told a story about jumping a bully in eighth grade.

- The sudden death rattle of competent offense once the game was already out of hand.

Every single other thing sucked, but those things were good.

Awful performance, even for a short-handed team, but as Melo would say, we move on...? Whatever. Good night!