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Iman Shumpert's coming to London.

...and he might even be cleared to play.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I just published something about how Rasheed Wallace miiiiight be back soon and how that miiiiight help the Knicks and how, either way, it was nice to see very few basketball games on the Knicks' upcoming schedule while they waited on guys to heal, but...

Al Iannazzone:

Woodson said Iman Shumpert will go with the Knicks to London and could make his season debut there against Pistons.


Mike Woodson had previously hinted at Shump staying back to log some practice time with the BayHawks, so this is a pleasant surprise. The Knicks won't get to practice much in London-- probably just once before the game versus the Pistons on Thursday-- but perhaps Shump's far enough along after full contact this week that it doesn't matter. I just hope he's really ready. There's going to be rust, but there can't be any more discomfort or uncertainty about the knee. Not after all the shit Shump's been through since last May.

Anyway, excellent. I look forward to a trishumphant return, whether that occurs in London or not. And even if he doesn't play, I'm happy for Iman (and for the city of London) that he's coming along for the trip.