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Monday European Robins


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Good afternoon, children. The Knicks' team zeppelin departs for London this evening. Hope they saved room in their luggage for some LINKS.

- The European Robin is, according to Wikipedia, the unofficial bird of the United Kingdom (the one pictured above is the Britain-dwelling subspecies). I hadn't really considered this but "robin" is just a name given to red-breasted birds. The European robin and American robin aren't that closely related-- separate families, though they were once both classified as thrushes-- nor do they bear that much resemblance. I like ours better. It's not a competition, though. But our robin is better.

Some London things to start:

- P&Ters in the area! There is a meet-up for you!

- Chris Copeland wants to stop by Belgium on the trip, which...from the sound of things, I don't think that's gonna happen for him. Belgium's all the way over there, anyway.

- The players get to bring their significant others on the trip, which is nice.

Some other stuff:

- Regarding the previous link, Carmelo Anthony says he and La La are just fine, in case you were wondering. I don't really think it's our business, but I do want all the Knicks to be happy, and I hope Melo's content with whatever his relationship status may be.

- There's gonna be a Clyde 30 for 30!

- Our friend Mr. Fish recaps a pretty rough week.

- Via our own Madbacker, here's another Pablo Prigioni blog post from Olé. I know it's totally logical, but it still saddens me a little that Pablo feels he doesn't have the same chemistry with Tyson Chandler et al. that he has with Luis Scola. That would be damn near impossible, but still...

- James Dolan was, as far as I know, the only Knicks representative at the Golden Globes, but he wasn't the only one with friends in the building. Hugh Jackman is Amar'e Stoudemire's friend AND his buddy. Congrats, Hugh. Congrats again.

- I love this line from J.R. Smith:

"We’re starting to see progression, but we’re playing against a team that’s not going to be in the playoffs and we expect to play better than that,’’ Smith said. "We talk about being a championship-caliber team, these games shouldn’t be close.’’

- I think I linked this before, but I'm mostly just putting it here so I can find it later. I know I'm gonna need it: Chris Copeland and Scooby.

- A few of you have already linked this, but here is the worst news of all time. Check the mentions! He was kidding! That rascal! Evil, evil rascal!

- Can one of y'all try to get an Egraph with Steve Novak? The whole business concept fascinates me. It sounds like something I'd think of while eating Cheez-It peanut butter sandwiches at three in the morning, but it seems pretty legit.

- Howard Megdal suggests (and I agree) that a healthy Iman Shumpert wouldn't just help the defense, but the offense, too.

- NBA power rank'ems.

- I dunno if there's a link for it yet, but our Knickerblogger friends are doing a Spreecast tonight at 8. (Update: Here's the link.)

- On a related note, this remains available for pre-order. I'm not gonna start really bothering you about this until it goes to print (should be very soon), but there it is. One of our very own commenters did the cover and all the illustrations, but I'm keeping him secret until the book comes out because...secrets are fun?

- While we're at it, here's your semi-regular reminder that P&T is on Facebook.

Cool. To London we (they) go!