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The Knicks have arrived in London.

Our Knicks are on the loose across the ocean.


Good day! While you were sleeping (maybe), the Knicks arrived in London. J.R. Smith announced it with a tweet at 4:11 EST (9:11 London time)

Guess who just landed in London!

If you guessed "the Knicks", then you've been paying attention and you are correct. By noon London time, a few Knicks had set out for some sHoPpInG while James White was sound asleep.

As far as basketball things go, today will be an off day to explore a little and adjust to the time difference before getting back to work Wednesday. Al Iannazzone describes tomorrow's planned practice as "camp-like", though for the most part, it sounds like Mike Woodson views the days off as opportunities for a broken, bedraggled team to heal and hold hands, not drill too hard:

"That was the whole reason for taking the trip when the commissioner asked us, would we do it," Woodson said. "It just gives us an opportunity for me and the players to bond, a little closer time together away from the states.

"You don’t get to do that very often. I had an opportunity to spend some time there this summer. I think it’s a great atmosphere that we’re going into. Then we’ll come back and get to work."

Cool. Updates on the Knicks' activities/whereabouts/capers as they emerge.