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Tuesday Turnstones


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Hans Hillewaert

Good evening! I have links for you, but I am very hungry for sandwiches, so this will be quick.

- The turnstone-- specifically the ruddy turnstone-- is another bird residing in Great Britain (among many other places). Guess what one of its favorite methods for finding snacks is.

- Today's read of the day is Jorge Castillo's profile of Chris Copeland's long, winding path to the NBA.

- If there are no setbacks and Iman Shumpert does play Thursday, he might actually get pushed into the starting lineup so as to ensure he's totally loose going in.

- On that note, Shump's interview with Michael Kay was terrific. The man is rarin'.

- You've probably seen this elsewhere by now, but THIS was the guy recording Carmelo Anthony's conversations on Friday. Yeap.

- Oh man, I just love J.R. Smith's unabashed admission that he used to deliberately do stuff to annoy George Karl in Denver. I'm really happy he and Mike Woodson are on good terms, because the man does not respond well to a coach he doesn't like.

- Getting ejected/suspended is lonely. : (

- This is what the Knicks have been doing today.

- Here, at last, is the full front and back of our book, which can be pre-ordered here.

- Knicks Power Rankings. : (

That's all! Sandwich time!