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Knicks in London: Day Two

The Knicks will hold practice today in advance of Thursday's game against the Pistons. Then they're headed to Stamford Bridge!


Good morning! It's already the afternoon in London and the Knicks are on the court (or "court" as it's called in Britain) for what's supposed to be a long, involved practice to prepare for their game against the Pistons. We've already got some reports from pre-practice, and I bet we'll have a lot more later, but let us first run through today's early material:

- Here are some Knicks eating breakfast. Here's James White appreciating a more familiar breakfast.

- Ronnie Brewer hung out with Amir Khan last night and they did the classic "photo with a boxer" pose. Do boxers just instinctively mime-punch the nearest person as soon as they see a camera?

- Rasheed Wallace, when asked about playing in London: "It's cool. I'm good money". Since Wallace will, by all accounts, not play, that phrase now officially means nothing, which I imagine is exactly what Sheed intended.

- Carmelo Anthony was asked about James Dolan commanding The Darkness to point microphones at him on the court. He says doesn't care. Cool.

- Also from the above article, a bunch of guys are going to the Chelsea match tonight (against Southampton). Jason Kidd, for one, signed up for that field trip. (Tottenham practice, too?)

- I hope this doesn't pan out, but...part of me kinda hopes it does.

- Flight was disappointed in...the UK version of Law and Order, I guess? I had no idea such a thing existed.

- Flight was also disappointed in his first day of shopping in London. The sizes are too small for a 6'7" individual. Not trying to let him be great.

- Iman Shumpert found his sneakers in advance and wore them to practice they are SOMETHING. (You can also get a look at his surgical scar in that photo.)

One more (more important) London update coming momentarily.