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Begley: The Knicks worry Rasheed Wallace might be out for the season.

(Hence the Kenyon Martin rumors.)

Jonathan Daniel

Since around the time the rumors of New York's renewed interest in Kenyon Martin emerged, there have been murmurs that Rasheed Wallace's foot injury (initially a sore left foot, now either a stress reaction, a stress fracture, or a comically large nail through the big toe, depending where you look) was something serious. Jared Zwerling's report this evening echoes suspicions that Wallace's return won't come for a while, if ever:

As the uncertainty surrounding Rasheed Wallace's left foot injury lingers, members of the New York Knicks organization fear Wallace will be out for an extended period of time, possibly for the entire season, two league sources told


When asked Wednesday about returning to the court, Wallace said, "It's not my call."

One source said Wallace is having trouble pushing off on his left foot.

"It's not looking good," the source said.

Buns. I was already kinda assuming we wouldn't be seeing Sheed back on the floor anytime soon, but not even having him ready for, say, the playoffs would be a major bummer. Related, somehow: 1. Sheed called himself "good money" this very afternoon London time. 2. Mike Woodson continues to dismiss questions about New York's interest in Martin or making any move at all.

The Knicks will hopefully enjoy near-full health within the next week or two, but we should prooooobably put aside hopes of Sheed joining them anytime soon.