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Friday Snowcaps


Michael Woodruff

Good morning, children. The Knicks are, I believe, home from London now (I thought they were gonna spend a few more days there, but I think a lot of things that are wrong) and have plenty of time to rest before their next game on Monday against the Nets. It'll probably be a quiet weekend in these parts, too, but we can always link.

- I hadn't really gone down this path in earnest, but now I'm happy I did: Hummingbird names are AWESOME. If anything, the abundance of resplendent titles-- half these things are named after gems-- makes the snowcap more special. He's so small he barely looks like a bird and is called the snowcap because, ya know, he's got a white head. Keep up the great work, snowcap.

- This is a game or two obsolete but check out how the Knicks' scoring distribution by position stacks up against other teams (via the excellent Ed Kupfer).

- A celebration of Jackie Butler's statistically brilliant season with the Knicks.

- Click "play" here to listen to probably the only song you'll hear today about Tyson Chandler, with lyrics by friend of the blog Fred Cantor.

- Couple o' college jersey retirements: Marcus Camby at UMass tomorrow and Carmelo Anthony at Syracuse sometime in the near future.

- Being an NBA superstar in London seems kinda fun.

- Speaking of which, the wonderful Rob Mahoney did a very thorough analysis of the steps Melo's taken to secure that status.

- Remember how I doubted Chris Copeland's intention to visit his old friends in Belgium? Shame on me. He did it.

- After the owner's most recent invasion into the world of the Knicks, David Roth on James Dolan.

- The Knicks Wall did some nice statistical breakdowns of the Knicks' shot selection and defensive issues.

- Always checking in on you, old friend.

That's all for now! Enjoy the day, kids.