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Sunday Rock Ptarmigans


Jan Frode Haugseth

Hey, friends. I imagine you're all watching footgames and not thinking much about the Knicks as they wrap up a very quiet week, but what about a few links? No? Can't you at least try one? I made these just for you.

- Rock ptarmigans live all over the cold parts of the world. North of us, they're known as "snow chickens". In several places, people consider them quite tasty.

- The Knicks practiced today and Chris Smith was in the building. He's still very intent on making the team next year.

- Raymond Felton doesn't have a return date set at this point, but he did some conditioning stuff at practice today.

- J.R. Smith offered surprisingly little support to Shumpert's quest to touch the moon with his hair.

- We'll probably find out before tomorrow's game whether Iman Shumpert's minutes cap has risen above 15 minutes. I expect that it will.

- Our friend Beckley Mason writes in the Times (in the actual paper! I saw it!) that the Knicks have established more of an identity than the Nets have and, despite each of their recent performances, look to be the better team looking forward. I hope he's right!

- The Post reports that the Knicks have been interested in Pablo Prigioni for a while (which we knew), but Mike D'Antoni was against it in the past (we'd kinda heard that, but not this frankly).

- The Knicks joined the Pistons in trying to name a hypothetical London NBA franchise.

- Hey now, Tyson Chandler! (Also: Hey now, Horace Grant!)

- On that note, Tyson Chandler totally would use the word "rumble".

- A "behind-the-scenes" video of the entire London trip.

That's all! Enjoy the football, friends.