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Final Score: Nets 88, Knicks 85

Well, that series is over now.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Oof. The Knicks had a decent shot at stealing that one, but Carmelo Anthony (0-6 in the fourth) followed Joe Johnson's isolation make with an isolation miss and J.R. Smith rimmed out the pull-up three that could have sent the game to overtime. Knicks-Nets today was a suite of one-sided battles: the Nets dominated the boards and out-shot the Knicks by a wide margin from behind the arc, but the Knicks stayed even (and took way more shots despite the disadvantage on the glass) by forcing 19 turnovers and committing only five of their own.

The loss today puts the Knicks' standing in the conference and division in serious danger: The Nets are now just one game back of them in the Atlantic Division while the Pacers are just half a game back in the East after their win over the Grizzlies today. Couple o' made wide-open threes or free throws could have made a huge difference. Blub.

Missin' u, Raymond Felton. Oh well. Recap later.