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Raymond Felton not yet cleared for contact, still hopes to return Saturday.

Hurry back, Ray. Well, take your time, but please hurry.


Mike Woodson ran the Knicks through what sounds like an especially strenuous practice today. Most of the post-practice reports regard Knicks who didn't participate in full. Raymond Felton didn't scrimmage, but did join his teammates for conditioning drills and practice shooting with Dave Hopla. Afterward, we learned that Felton has not yet been cleared for contact, but still hopes to play Saturday against the 76ers:

Felton on the chance he plays against 76ers: "A big chance, but that’s not my decision to make. If it was up to me I’d play Boston."


. fractured his pinky in 3 places, 3 bones shattered. Says if he "messes it again" he will be out 2-3 months so caution is key


Raymond Felton says his right pinkie feels good, but the test for him will be when he's fouled on his right hand or finger.

Three places! And he kept playing against the Lakers! His pinky was, like, not a pinky.

Speaking of not a pinky, New York's insistence on eschewing common names for digits is apparently not limited to the "fifth finger". Check out the injury that held Pablo Prigioni out of practice today. Nobody says "great toe", Knicks. If you're gonna be all fancy about it, go all the way and say "hallux". Incidentally, Woodson still expects Prigioni to play Thursday despite the bruised grand dactyl. I still await an announcement that Pablo is, in fact, completely toeless and will miss the next four months while the Knicks search for ten toe donors.

But yeah, if the Knicks are being honest and all goes well, the Knicks may have full backcourt availability by the weekend. Jason Kidd seems to play big minutes no matter what, but it'd be great to see him move back to the more comfortable shooting guard spot. It'd be a big help.