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Pablo Prigioni missed practice again, questionable for Thursday

...but he expects to play, so there's that.


Pablo Prigioni's big toe-- sorry, his GREAT TOE-- hurts. He contused it pretty hard in a collision with Kris Humphries on Monday, and the subsequent swelling forced him to miss practice both yesterday and today. As such, the Knicks are listing him as questionable for tomorrow's game against the Celtics:

Pablo Prigioni is not practicing today. The Knicks are listing him as questionable for Thursday's game against the Celtics

Missed practices and "questionable" labels now drive us to assume the worst, of course. As this Twitter friend mentions, it's getting increasingly easy to imagine Pablo as John Turturro's butler character in Mr. Deeds. He's already Hispanic, already extremely sneaky, and, after eschewing ice treatment to just stand outside in the cold, now likely has a gravely frostbitten foot.

Seriously, though, it sounds like Pablo will play. He said as much, adding that he feels "fine". He pretty much has to at this point. Raymond Felton went through "light contact" today, but won't be ready for Thursday, and Jason Kidd needs as much support as possible in an unfit starting point guard role.

Incidentally, what do we make of this? Do we take that as suggestion that Kidd will move out of the starting shooting guard role once Felton is healthy and play on the ball, but as a back-up? I hope that's not true. Whether or not he starts, I think it's evident that Kidd excels as a two and struggles as a one. For now, though, there's no choice. That's a discussion for when everyone's healthy, hopefully this weekend.