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Raymond Felton is cleared for contact.

He'll practice in full on Friday and just maybe return Saturday.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! Here is some news that is good news, but got sorta washed away by the excitement of the win in Boston (the Knicks won in Boston!): Raymond Felton and his sore flippers have been cleared for full contact*. The Knicks have practice today, and Felton will use the opportunity to scrimmage and take a few licks on that paw. Some tweets:

Ian Begley:

Ray Felton feels like he's in better shape now than he was before the season because of track work he's done while hurt.


Ray Felton says that the bone bruises in both of his hands are "feeling good" -- an ancillary benefit of sitting out w/the broken pinky.

Al Iannazzone:

Felton wants to play Saturday. He said he feels good. But he doesn't want to risk breaking the pinky again and being out a few months.

Nate Taylor:

Raymond Felton says he wants to play Saturday, but also said he won't lie to doctors if he experiences pain in pinkie.


Felton also mentioned he hopes 1 of his teammates bumps his finger in practice to see if he is totally healthy.


Guys in a good mood in the locker room. A lot of laughing. Amare ripping Shump for requesting hot sauce for his fettucine alfredo.

Whoops, don't know how that one got in there. (Also, I hope they had a vegan alternative to fettucine alfredo for Amar'e). Anyway, the Knicks badly need Felton. I hope he's ready for Saturday in Philadelphia, but I'm glad everyone's being cautious. We've seen how janky New York's offense can get without him, and a rushed return isn't worth losing Felton for more weeks.

*Side note: If I were a professional athlete and the doctor ran some tests, then came to me and said "Seth, you have been cleared for full contact", I'd immediately scream FULL CONTACT! and start giving everyone disturbingly touchy/prolonged hugs. One of several thousand reads I am not a professional athlete.