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Friday Black Curassows


Alberto Apollaro

Good afternoon, frambs. Perhaps we'll have some reports from practice later on. For now, we have links.

- Crax, man. What a genus! These kids got the coolest haircuts! It seems like in most species, the male has a fat yellow knob on his face, just because. The guy above is a male black curassow.

- I love it I love it I love I love it I love it.

- Pretty nice summary of the things from last night by Mr. Prada.

- None of the unprotected Knicks (tee-hee) got picked for our hypothetical SB Nation expansion team. What do y'all think about my protections?

- Tyson Chandler came a loooong way to earn that All-Star berth. It's fun to think about sometimes. Think about what you thought of Tyson Chandler back when he was on the Bulls or, like, the Bobcats.

- The wonderful Pablo Torre wrote a big ol' story for ESPN the Magazine about these '12-'13 Knicks. It kind of stings to read given how spotty their play has been of late, but it's a nice reminder of their potential at full health. Also, Dave Hopla signs his emails "Best Swishes".

- Dan Dan the Motherboard Man's mid-season review is good stuff. (That's not actually what anyone calls him. That's what we called the IT guy in middle school.)

- Some more vague rotational soothsaying by Mike Woodson. I'm just gonna wait and see.

- A very nice addendum to Joe's splits-by-Raymond-Felton-version piece the other day.

- Any of you live in Philly? Please go bowl with Rasheed Wallace.

- Only peripherally Knicks-related, but interesting: Chandler and Jason Kidd remark on their old teammate Jason Terry's struggles in Boston.

- Two things I've been sitting on for a few days that you've probably already seen: Boberto Silverman's Incarcerated Bob (he of the "Honey Nut Cheerios" rumor) profile/interview, Nate Taylor's piece on Iman Shumpert's whole deal plus a bonus focus on his Johnny Bravo tattoo. (Side note: Johnny Bravo sucked. Sorry, Shump. I love you.)

Practice updates coming soon!

Update: Two late additions: Ballard (and everyone he interviewed) on Melo, Dubin on last night.